Ban the Remembrance Poppy?

The FA have imposed a ban, both England and Scotland national squads, from wearing their remembrance poppies in their game tonight.

Hamed Hamed, 20, a Yemeni Electronic Communications Student;
“I think it unfair… you know they would never ban the corporate sponsors but they can ban the poppy, why?
“Everyone should be aloud to represent anything thats part of their culture.”

Andras Thomas, 29, a Hungarian Sport Psychology Student;
“The FA must think they are trying to be fair without thinking of the consequences to the british public… ┬áThis isn’t the first time they have banned countries from representing their culture.”

Whitey Dibu, 24, Biristish Immgrant and Criminology Student;
“It’s a sign of respect at the end of the day, The FA thinks its racist! It’s a joke… People will always want remember their loved ones who have died however that may be.
“I Can’t even speak to my child in my in my own language… it’s gone too far”

Even none british born students can understand the importance of the poppy and what it represents, but the Football Assosiation won’t support world class players decision on somthing that is a lot bigger than just cultural representation.

Image courtesy of Creative Commons


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