Making Bad

In a talk with Bryan Cranston on Newsnight, talking about how he pulled off playing Walter White, from the hit TV show Breaking Bad, he reveals things in his past that have made him the man and actor he is today,

“I have had a very challenging childhood, there was abandonment and alcoholism”

He goes on to talk about the death of his father many years after he abandons young Bryan, aged 11, and his siblings; leaving them with their alcoholic mother to raise them.

“in his own shaky handwriting he said; the best time of my life was when my children forgave me for the worst time of my life”

Bryan’s life on screen has extreme parallels from his early life. Brian draws similarities from his Father to his paternal roles such as Hal, the Father figure from Malcolm in the Middle, and Walter, from Breaking Bad. These iconic characters have a soft mild mannered side with a loud, angry and misunderstood man that can erupt at any moment.

“my job has allowed me the avenue to channel these into my work, the jealous, the angry, the resentment need to be able to come to the surface.”

Before his acting career he had many jobs, he was even a ordained minister, but Bryan mentions in his new book, “A Life In Parts”, that this uncertain future had a great hand to play in becoming who he is, or rather who he was, he goes on to talk about how he is a different man after his launch into super stardom;

“when you meet people all they want to talk about is me… I have a tendency now, or at least to try, seclude myself from going out … stay at home”

Acting masterclass Bryan Cranston is still learning how to cope with his recent fame and believes that this current transition will aide him in new acting roles in the future such as U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 2016 production LBJ.


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