The DEATH of Cornershop Culture

The number of family-owned corner shops has dropped massively in the last ten years, as much as 25% in highly populated urban areas, due in part to competition from large supermarket chains, a Holloway Road corner shop owner said Friday.

Experts predict that local stores will close in another ten years because young British-born Asians don’t see a future in the cornershop culture. Family-run  businesses just can’t compete with multinational and global vendors, they say.

“Ever since supermarkets and chains sold Halal meat, I had to stop selling meat altogether …even I buy Halal from Tesco now… it’s much cheaper,” said a corner shop owner who declined to give his name.

One way family-run stores have changed to stay alive is not lowering prices but selling obscure stock and tending to other cultures like Polish and Turkish goods on top of Indian and Asian goods.

In the past, Asian family-run shops were the only place to buy Halal meat, but now nearly all the supermarkets and fast food restaurants offer this. Often this is an option but certain stores such as Subway and KFC have Halal-only stores all around the country.

To survive, corner shops in the future will have to turn their back on the family aspect. Employing young Brits might be the only way to save the cornershop culture.

“Brexit will make it even harder for the little guy,” added a Holloway Road local. “Even if it wasn’t bad already Brexit would mean supermarkets are a must for struggling families.”


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