NHS Crisis

The National Health Service (NHS) is at a tipping point, it’s time to Fight Back!

In spite of the Conservative Party having promised to increase NHS spending by £8 billion, they announced yet another £22 billion in budget cuts over the next five years for the NHS. The Tories are aware of the chaos on patient care, jobs, and wages of 1.5 million employees that the coalition government’s £20 billion “efficiency savings” caused.

Yet Debbie Ayodele, second-year NHS student said “Instead of seeing a crisis, I see an NHS that needs more support, more love, and more care. The NHS that has cared for all of us is asking us to care for it too. It’s daunting for students caught up in this crossfire, yet we continue to stay because we want to make a difference.”

The government has confirmed plans to end bursaries for student nurses and midwives as of 2017, sparking anger across the health sector. Replacing bursaries with loans would free up about £800 million a year to create additional nursing roles by 2020 and help more students enter the profession, according to the Department of Health.

An appalling 78 percent of medics believe the NHS is under more pressure than ever, Health workers’ wages have been reduced by 15 percent over the last five years. In 2012 the Health and Social Care Act was passed to accelerate the privatisation process in the NHS. The government’s legal “duty to provide” health care was changed into a “duty to arrange” and massive areas of the budget were transferred to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), who have undertaken a massive outsourcing of NHS-run services. 10% of the total available funding, of £116 billion before cuts, will be based on a deprivation indicator to reflect unmet needs, enabling CCGs to tackle the impact of health inequalities. In other words, the privatisation has already begun.

Fight for our National Health Service before it flatlines.


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