‘New National Funding Formula’ backfires with underfunded schools to face more cuts.

New Government plans to create a ‘New National Funding Formula’ backfires, even the poor funded schools it planned to help are predicting vast cuts, leaving a suggested 98% of schools to face an average reduction in funding of $477 for every secondary pupil and £339 for every primary.

Despite Nick Gibb, Schools Minister, and Conservative MP, offering reassurance that schools would not lose money, the funding crisis these schools face rightly is attracting the attention of MP’s as fears emerge of unmanageable cuts in their respective constituencies.

The Government has been accusing funding campaigners of scaremongering, however, the updated figures are even worse than previously predicted.

Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite, said: “Schools and school support staff must have proper investment to deliver good education outcomes for all children.  We call on Government to stop the cuts and fully fund our schools and education services”

The unions; the National Union of Teachers, Association of Teachers and Lecturers, National Association of Head Teachers, Unison, Unite and GMB, say according to the National Audit Office schools will face a real terms drop of £3 billion. This directly threatens the implementation of a new and improved NFF which has long been the goal of many organisations in education.

Russell Hobby, General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said:  “School budgets are being pushed beyond breaking point. The government’s £3 billion real terms cut to education funding must be reversed or we will see education and care suffer.

“A new funding formula is the right thing to do, but it cannot be truly fair unless there is enough money to go round in the first place.”

Education Secretary Justine Greening and Prime Minister Theresa May, the MP for Maidenhead are expecting some of the worst cuts proposed by the NFF with all but one of the PM’s schools will face real terms cuts, in the worst case by £872 for every pupil. Putney MP will see every school in her constituency facing real terms cuts, with an average loss of £655 for every pupil. The worst case schools will see a loss of £834 for every pupil in real terms.


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