Unaffordable housing in Islington

H. M. Holloway Prison – London’s historic all-female jail – was shut last summer and is set to be sold off for housing.

Jeremy Corbyn, The Labour Party leader, and Islington North MP, had said, “Holloway Prison site is our biggest opportunity to help solve housing crisis” commenting after the final few prisoners were moved to other HMP’s around the country.

He went on to say “I had always thought that at some point, this must get better. It hasn’t. Places to buy are unaffordable for 80 per cent of people in this constituency.”

But other say that this iconic ground should be used to symbolize the struggle of the suffragettes to get women the vote. A museum of women’s rights was purposed however the chancellor said around 3,000 new homes will be created by redeveloping the old prison sites.

Local mother, 54, said “The site could be used to increase the tourism in the area and raise awareness… London doesn’t need more luxury apartments!”

Current government plans to construct 500 houses by 2019 for the Islington area to help combat the housing crisis on top of the redevelopment of the ‘unfit for purpose’ prison.


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