Librarians’ let go…

Birmingham faces the brunt of the funding crisis. With cuts of around £650 million on the annual budget from 2010, Birmingham Council is hit the hardest.

The city of culture has had some serious money pumped into over the last 6 years; with a squeaky clean New Street Station costing around £600 million, its upcoming superfast train the HS2 and its surrounding redevelopment costing around £900 million and with Europes largest library which took more than three years to build and cost £189 million.

In a recent investigation, it is not just the Brummy library facing cuts of around £1.3 million. But almost over 8000 jobs in libraries countrywide have already been lost due to local councils budget cuts. 343 libraries have closed country wide, leading to fears over that librarians are a thing of the past, replaced by volunteers some 15,500.

Unfortunately, it’s not just libraries that have been hit hard, Birmingham museum trust has seen an even larger funding crisis with £750,000 cut. It’s even said that the recent prison riots are a result of drastic ‘to the bone’ cut backs with areas of prisons complete unsupervised.

A key saving was based on efficiencies and funding through closer working with the NHS.

It turns out this was a false promise and is largely responsible for the £37 million budget deficit this year and led to a scramble for new savings in the years ahead.

Furthur proof that the Tories in Downing street don’t understand the cities and complex councils that operate miles from the house of commons they only see how much that have to save, they don’t think of the implications and effects to the millions of citizens that don’t live in London.

Have no doubt that the budget will be balanced for 2017 but at the expense of the Great British people; their jobs, their homes, and even their health care.


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