No need for new legislation!

Head of NHS England, Simon Stevens, has plans to bypass the legislation all together, unveiling his final ideas in late March. The health reforms of 2012 will be effectively be unnecessary in certain area of the country.

Tory health reforms in the early 90s created a divide between “purchasers”, which today have evolved into the current Clinical Commissioning Groups AKA. CCG’s, and “providers”, which are the NHS establishments such as hospitals or trusts.

Mr Stevens has given some clues to MPs on the Public Accounts Committee. He purposed “Joined-up care” is the slogan or ideology behind these ideas. He wants to see local health economies run as single entities with no purchaser/provider split. CCG’s, a key part of the structure set up by the previous Health Secretary Andrew Lansley in 2012, will be sidelined in these new local care models.

Crucially NHS establishments will be given “capitation” budgets. This equates to a set sum of money per person in that area, regardless of care requirements.

The leadership of NHS England, is confident these changes can be implemented within the existing legal parameters.

Should Simon Stevens be correct the health service in parts of England will look and operate vastly different from how the NHS will in others areas.


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